Need to know how to tie a bowtie?

                   We can help.

Learning to tie a bowtie for the first time can be frustrating  and troublesome. If this is your first time tying a bowtie then please see the video below. 


The trickiest part is how to create the loop behind the bowtie so that it can be pulled through. Tying a bowtie takes a lot of practice and patience. If you continue to have a hard time then please fill out a contact form for more information on our 'Bowtying' lessons. 

At the 30 second mark, you see the bowtie on its side. This is the trickiest part. Pull the front part of the bowtie through the back, creating the back bow. After this, you can pull on the bow to tighten it around the neck, or to tighten the knot.