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Why We Create

One of my favorite questions is “What got you into making bow ties?” The answer is simple, you. I’m not selling bow ties, I’m selling hope, inspiration, passion and style. Hope, that people pursue their dreams. Inspiration, to show others that you don’t need lots of money to start a business or that you can shape your own future. Passion, to show how much I care about the products you wear, and how much fun I have creating unique products out of fun and out of the ordinary patterns. Style, because you will look great in anything you wear. I would love to be a part of your greatness, because you are a part of mine.

My name is Connor Cummings and I started Washashore Bowties in the summer of 2017. At the time, I was working for a Fortune 10 company as a Store Manager in Training. I was loading overstock onto a conveyor belt so that I could send it upstairs. My neck tie was un-tucked from my shirt and became stuck in the moving conveyor belt. Luckily, I was able to shut it off before I was dragged too far. From this moment on, I decided not to wear a traditional neck tie, and switched to bow ties.

While working for this Fortune 10 company, my husband and I couldn’t afford the high living costs of Cape Cod, so we moved into a 1999 Winnebago camper. Money was tight and I couldn’t afford buy a lot of new bow ties, and the bow ties that I could find, were drab, boring and over-priced. I decided to save up, bought the cheapest home sewing machine I could find on Amazon, and started sewing my own bow ties. I was able to sew thanks to Home Ec classes, a friend of mine, and lots and LOTS of YouTube videos. Sewing in a camper wasn’t easy. I would sew at the kitchen table, on the couch, on the passenger seat and even outside on the picnic table. After lots of trial and error, I was able to create my first bow tie!

My bow ties were an instant hit around the community. Customers would often ask where I got my bow ties from, and when they learned that I made my own and they weren’t available in stores, they would try to buy them off of my neck! I quickly became known as the ‘bow tie guy’, and the reputation followed me when I got promoted to Store Manager and worked at stores throughout the Cape.

In order to pursue a better work life balance, I left my job as Store Manager to work for a large local bank. Washashore Bowties was officially born. I started with a website, which I learned to design, code and create by myself. People fell in love with my logo, Dapper the Seagull, which allowed me to expand my hand made offerings into pet products and other accessories. With the support of my family and friends, I started attending events in 2018 to start selling my products, and have been growing every since. I am now located in 11 different stores with locations throughout New England. I have met some amazing people on my journey, and am so grateful for every moment of it. I personally hand make every product that I sell, and every item ships from Cape Cod. It is my passion to create products that reflect the beauty of Cape Cod. Find your hope, inspiration, passion, style and get Tied to the Cape with Washashore Bowties.