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Why We Create

Did you know that Washashore is a term used to describe anyone who is not native to Cape Cod, MA? Washashore Bowties (Washashore Bows LTD.) was founded in the summer of 2017. It all started when CEO/Founder Connor Cummings was working for a Fortune 10 company as a store manager in 2016. His tie became stuck in a conveyer belt, but luckily he was able to shut it off before it dragged the tie further, creating a dangerous situation. After this incident he decided not to wear the traditional neck tie to work, but instead started wearing bowties. Tired of the drab and expensive bowties offered on Cape Cod he decided to learn how to sew and create his own bowties.

Connor’s experience started when he lived in a camper (1999 Winnebago) in East Dennis. He would leave his sewing machine under the couch, on the drivers seat, or anywhere he could store it until he could sew on the kitchen table/couch. His bowties were an instant hit around the community and he was quickly known around the Cape as ‘the bow tie guy’ or ‘the bowtie manager.’ No matter where across Cape Cod he worked, he was known by customers and asked where they could buy the bowties he wore. When told they couldn't be purchased at a store, people often tried to buy them off his neck.

Washashore Bowties was officially born in Barnstable during June 2017. In order to have more time to work on developing his business Connor left his job as a store manager and started working elsewhere. Upon popular demand for Dapper the Seagull products, we have started expanding our product line to include dog leashes and dog collars, and continue to work towards expanding our product line. Wanting to stay local, Connor has turned away many vendors asking him to sell their product and continues to hand craft every product sold. We offer bowties handmade on Cape Cod for adults, children and pets, and will custom make any bowtie in any style for any event! It is our passion to create bowties that reflect Cape Cod so that a piece of paradise can always be close by. Join us in becoming Tied to the Cape.