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Where to Buy


New Bedford Whaling Museum
Located in New Bedford, this 116 year old museum will teach you the importance of New Bedford and it’s history in the whaling and fishing industries. It is a must stop when visiting the area, and while you’re there you can get another EXCLUSIVE bow tie! We are featuring two whale patterns, available only at this location! Every whale bow tie we have sold typically sells out within a week, so if it’s on your list then get the patterns before they sell out!
**Carries an exclusive line of bow ties not found at an of our other stores or online
Located in Dennis, the Cape Cod Museum of Art is a unique and spectacular place to be inspired by local artists and intriguing pieces. We hope that you can find inspiration in the pieces they sell from our bow tie line, as well as the great exhibits they have.
boichick is located in Provincetown and is one of the only gender neutral clothing stores on Cape Cod. They carry some of our most popular bow tie patterns, as well as a BUNCH of other awesome, unique clothing that is small business made. We are proud to be part of an LGBT+ store! Located on Commercial Street, Ptown.
Oropa is a socially conscious store selling products that give to their community. The second we met the owner we fell in love with their store and their mission. For every bow tie we sell, we donate $2 back to Cape Cod Pride. Help us support our community by shopping at Oropa! You’re sure to find a great place to grab a drink and support local communities!
Drive here now: 35 Depot St, Duxbury, MA
per Simmons Gift Store
A premier gift destination for over 25 years, you’ll be sure to find products that you love here, including our handmade on Cape Cod bow ties! This store will have you, your house and your wedding looking the best it could possibly be! It truly is a one stop shop for all of your needs!
Isabelle’s is one of the fashion hotspots of Mattapoisett. You’re guaranteed to find amazing products, including our handmade bow ties and belts. Break away from the drab of big box stores and head to Mattapoisett for some of South Coasts best fashion.
Fuller Gallery
Located in Jamestown, RI, Fuller Gallery has an eclectic collection of artisanal products, including our own handmade bow ties. Visit their awesome store and take a quick drive to Newport for the day! See what island luxury has to offer in Jamestown, RI!
Crotchet Box
Crotchet Box is where you will find some of the best products Salem has to offer. We launched an exclusive line of Witch pet products and keychains EXCLUSIVELY for this store! Too afraid to go to Salem? Don’t worry, you might be able to walk away without getting CURSED! Have fun exploring the town, learning the history of the witch trials and seeing where the famous Hocus Pocus was filmed! Don’t forget to get your awesome witch products here before you leave!
**Carries an exclusive line of pet products not found at an of our other stores or online
Polly’s Seaside Gifts
Located in the heart of Old Orchard Beach, Polly’s will be carrying our line of handmade keychains. They are an essential stop when visiting Old Orchard Beach, and while you’re there, do some swimming at the beach!
B. Carvers Boutique
Located in Mystic, CT, B. Carvers Boutique is a great place to shop, with many unique and warming products. Don’t forget to stop here and get your bow tie swag before going to the casino. You want to look your best when you win that jackpot, don’t you?
JFK Museum
Located in Hyannis, MA, the JFK Museum will have you looking like the next President of the United States with their EXCLUSIVE line of bow ties! You won’t be able to find these bow ties at our events or for sale on our website! Our Presidential Line is only while supplies last in these patterns, so if you want a piece of Washashore Bow ties collections, then head over to Hyannis!
**Carries an exclusive line of bow ties not found at an of our other stores or online